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Used car buyer or sales agent

Used car manager or pricing expert

Find great deals

Daily updates

With the most attractively priced cars.

Easy search

Across all websites, using your search criteria.

Buy more cars, for a better price

Buying report

Know what to buy, with reports that show which cars are selling quickly in your dealership and your area.

Buying advice

Take the guesswork out of bidding, with buying price advice based on our proprietary real-time market pricing, and your profitability goals.

Action reminders

Daily and weekly action reminders to keep track of open bids.

Win more trade-in deals

Trade-in advice

Convince your prospects with the unbiased 3rd party trade-in appraisal and show the market context.

Action reminders

Daily and weekly action reminders to keep track of open trade-in offers.

Sell more cars, faster, for a better price

Selling advice

Take the guesswork out of selling, with selling price advice based on our proprietary market values, and your profitability requirements.

DoI recommendations

Recommended sell-price adjustments based on Days-on-Inventory.

Real-time market recommendations

Recommended sell-price adjustments based on changes in real-time market pricing.

Action reminders

Daily and weekly action reminders to update pricing.

Have full control of your used car operation

Pricing strategies

Apply consistent pricing strategies. Set on dealership, brand or model level.

Action reminders

Daily and weekly reminders to follow-up on open bids, trade-in offers and adjust pricing.

Take action based on data

Selling report

Shows you which cars are selling fast, and where you can ask more. Which cars should be priced differently to sell them faster

Buying report

Shows on which cars you can bid lower, and ask for more.

Analysis report

Shows you which deals you lost and why. And how you can help your used car managers buy and sell more.

Performance analyst

Dedicated performance analyst helping to uncover actionable insights.

Integration with your key systems

Carantee integration

Inspect the vehicle and appraise cars with the CARANTEE tablet application.

Marketplace integration

Build and sync customized advertisements with certified valuation and inspection reports with marketplaces.

DMS integration

Sync Inventory and Pricing with your Dealer Management System.

CMS integration

Sync Pricing with your website Content Management System.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get more profit from my used car operation?

A dealer's annual profit comes from the total profit per deal multiplied by the number of deals. To grow the annual profit, a dealer can close more deals (sometimes referred to as inventory turns) or increase the per deal profit. This per deal profit consists of the difference between the selling price of the car (exclusive of VAT) and the cost of the car (including reconditioning cost). It also includes additional profit from the sale of add-ons like extended warranty, a service contract, insurance, and financing. Some dealers still optimize for per deal margin by pricing the car relatively high and waiting for a buyer willing to pay that price. This waiting may lead to long days on inventory, and fewer inventory turns annually. Fewer turns may lead to lower profits. So it's crucial to balance turns and per deal profit. DealRevs helps with that.

Why should I consider market supply and demand when I price my inventory?

Dealers can increase their profits by pricing each car according to its demand and supply status. Vehicles in high demand but short supply can be priced to sell above the historical and current market average. Cars in high demand and high supply should be priced to sell at the prevailing market price. Cars in low demand and low supply should also be priced at, or perhaps slightly above market. And finally, the vehicles that are in low demand and high supply should be avoided altogether. And if they are already on your lot, they should be priced to move quickly. This will free up your capital to invest in more attractive models.

How does DealRevs help me get more profit from my used car operation?

DealRevs helps you in every step of the used car process. A buying module helps you find attractive cars and create winning bids and trade-in offers. There is a digital inspection add-on that includes customizable appraisals. A selling module helps set and maintain the perfect pricing strategy per brand and model. And finally, there's an extensive reporting suite that helps you identify areas for improvement.

DealRevs will help you buy the cars that can sell faster, for higher profits. It shows you which brands and models are in demand by analyzing search volume on marketplaces, insurance websites, and vehicle financing providers. It also shows you market supply by analyzing all public available sources and aggregated inventory data. You can use this data to search for high demand and low supply models.

DealRevs helps you find attractively priced cars to buy. It analyzes the publicly available asking prices and compares these with the transactional values, as tracked in the AutoData Middle East™ database.

DealRevs helps you close more trade-in offers. It shows your customers an unbiased view of the market supply and different transactional prices. This allows them to understand why your trade-in offer is fair and why it saves them the hassle of selling the car themselves.

DealRevs help you to keep your pricing accurate. It analyses the market transactional prices and recommends the correct asking price based on your profitability requirements and preset negotiation margin. Once that is set, it tracks the days-on-inventory and warns you when a car is not selling quickly enough. It will also alert you when the market prices change significantly. This helps sell the vehicle faster while optimizing the front-end gross margin.


Where does the DealRevs data come from?

DealRevs leverages the AutoData Middle East™ vehicle information database. This is the most complete and accurate vehicle information database for this region. It contains the specifications and accurate market values for all the 30'000+ different brand-model-trim-spec combinations currently on the road in the Gulf Cooperation Countries. Through its contacts with the automotive industry and its team of in-house researchers checking the market, everyday AutoData Middle East knows when a new model is launched, often well before it is available. They then add this model to the database. They also assess the impact of a new model's launch on the prices of used cars. Vehicle import history is checked through integration with multiple 3rd party suppliers. Vehicle market values are reviewed daily. The AutoData Middle East system analyzes over 125'000 data points per day from all publicly available sources. These data points are normalized to exclude the effects of the condition, mileage, warranty, service contracts, currency, VAT, and other items that may impact the value. The normalized data is then weighted and turned into a signal (with varying strength). These signals are compared versus ten years of historical data. The team of in-house researchers verifies any outliers. Once a signal is strong enough, the market value in the AutoData system is updated. For more information, check out and

How accurate is the data in DealRevs?

DealRevs leverages the AutoData Middle East™ vehicle information database. This is the most complete and accurate vehicle information database for this region. Hundreds of data points are analyzed per day. And signals are verified through multiple sources. Many of the region's financial institutions trust this data to issue policies and extend loans.

It is important to realize that AutoData Middle East employs a combination of manual and automated data gathering and probabilistic modeling to assess vehicle market value. ADME also retrieves, filters, standardizes, verifies, weights, and aggregates information from many sources, which may not always provide timely, accurate, or complete information. As a result, all the information presented in DealRevs, including vehicle specifications, history, condition, and market values, are solely the informed opinion of AutoData Middle East and should never be construed as guidance or advice. Prospective buyers and sellers, and other users of this product, should only take this informed opinion of DealRevs as general and preliminary information and should perform their own assessment of the vehicle's specifications, history condition, and value.

What data is available in DealRevs?

DealRevs has vehicle specification and market transactional values for any passenger and light commercial brand, model, and trim officially imported in the Gulf Cooperation Countries in the last 12 years.

DealRevs may not have data for non-GCC vehicles that have been imported by other parties than the official distributor (the so-called grey imported cars). DealRevs checks if the car has been imported through unofficial channels and sometimes retrieves the original brand, model, and trim based on the VIN. Based on AutoData Middle East's assessment DealRevs will also adjust the value for non-GCC vehicles.

DealRevs also does not contain data for Motorcycles, boats, heavy machinery.

DealRevs, through AutoData Middle East, tracks all publicly available information and confirms both asking and transactional prices. AutoData Middle East can confirm values in different types of transactions through various sources. That is, from dealer to private buyer, from dealer to dealer, from a private seller to private buyer, from a private seller to dealer, and dealers exporting.

DealRevs is not able to confirm values for parts.

DealRevs currently cannot assess the difference in export values for different export countries.

DealRevs currently does not have access to local accident history.

Will DealRevs use my bidding, inventory, and pricing data?

DealRevs will never share your data with any other dealership. If you want us to share data between multiple dealerships in your group, we will only do so after you have confirmed this in writing.
DealRevs will only use your data to advise your dealership on buying, selling, and pricing strategy.
In the future, DealRevs will only use aggregated brand and model inventory and pricing data to show market supply, show industry benchmarks for days on inventory and days to sell and to better inform the pricing data. The market supply and benchmark features will only be enabled for dealerships that agreed to use their data in aggregation.

How does DealRevs handle personal data?

DealRevs only uses personal data for the purpose that it was given.
DealRevs does not extend access to personal data to any 3rd party.
DealRevs stores any personal data that it was given in accordance with the industry best practices, anonymizing it through hashing and immediately deleting it after it is no longer necessary to keep it for the purpose that it was given for.


What are the different user profiles, and what are they used for?

DealRevs has three types of user profiles. The admin profile can set up the account, edit the payment information, create and delete new users, set pricing strategies, access all the reports, including the views that show the entire used car operation, and access all the functionalities. The dealer principal account can set pricing strategies, access all the reports, and access all the functionalities. The operator or agent profile can access only the detailed reports and all the buying and selling functionalities. They cannot access the complete dealer level reports or change any preset pricing strategies. By splitting between the dealer principle and the agents, a dealership can track and improve the consistent following of the optimal pricing strategy.

Can I create my own reports?

Currently, this functionality is not yet supported. However, please share your suggestions with our customer success team at We are committed to making our product better every day, and your tips are invaluable for that.


Can you integrate with my Dealer Management System?

To enable the synchronization of inventory and pricing, we are working on several integrations with the core Dealer Management Systems. Don't hesitate to contact our customer success team at to understand where we are with your DMS provider.

Do you also offer a vehicle inspection and appraisal solution?

We can provide you with access to our custom build vehicle inspection Android App upon your request. This app allows you to do a comprehensive 128 point inspection and show the results directly in DealRevs.

Can I use DealRevs to provide prospects with an attractive trade-in offer on my website?

We are currently working on a website plug-in that helps you create a trade-in appraisal in sync with DealRevs. Don't hesitate to contact our customer success team at to understand how we can best integrate with your website, CRM, and deal management system.

Can I connect other vehicle information sources to confirm vehicle specifications, check history, and set prices?

DealRevs leverages the AutoData Middle East™ database. This is the most complete and accurate vehicle information database for this region. We currently do not support integration with other vehicle information sources. But we are always happy to understand how we can further improve our product. Don't hesitate to contact our customer success team at


Can I get a Demo and trial account?

Yes, our sales and customer success team will gladly help you set up a trial account. They can also give you a detailed demo of all the functionalities. You can contact them at

Will you help me with the initial setup and training?

Our sales and customer success team can help you with the setup, customization, integration, and roll-out. We can also help you with customized support, e.g., monthly analysis and recommendations. Please get in touch with us at


What is your pricing? Do you offer customized pricing and discounts?

You can find our standardized rate card at We offer discounts for multiple licenses, as applicable, for instance, with large dealer groups. We also offer discounts for longer-term contracts. And we can provide additional services, like customized integration and dedicated support of a customer success manager. For a customized offer, please get in touch with us at

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, cheques, and wire transfers. We accept payment in most GCC currencies as well as the USD.

Can I can a get refund if I'm not happy?

We offer a free trial and full refund if you want to cancel during your first month, without any questions asked. However, our goal is to make you love our product so much that you want to tell everybody about it, and we will go to great lengths to make sure our product fits your need. If, after giving it our best, we can still not succeed, we will also give you a refund for any unused time left in your subscription. For a refund request, send an email to


Where can I find your T&C's?

You can find the DealRevs T&C's at

Do you have any references?

We can provide you with some of our references upon request. Don't hesitate to get in touch with the sales team at