Maximize profit by keeping pricing on point

Sell faster, for a better price

Understand the real-time market price and supply for each brand, model and trim. Set your price to maximize return or sell the car faster. Adjust when the days-on-inventory becomes too high, or the market changes.

buy more, for a better price

Create winning bids, based on AutoData’s™ proprietary market transactional prices, your profit considerations, including reconditioning and warranty cost, and your negotiation margins. Set on brand, model or trim.

get more trade-ins

Give your customers a trade-in offer they trust. Start with on AutoData’s™ proprietary market transactional prices and adjust for your negotiation margin and the car’s specific reconditioning cost. Set on brand, model or trim.

learn from the front-lines

See when and how your branches and users deviate from your strategy, and what the results are. Then adjust the strategy or train the users for better results.

keep track and follow up

Get daily and weekly reminders to follow-up on open bids, trade-in offers and recommended asking-price adjustments.

Transform your sales

Transform your sales